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...is a community of talented artists dedicated to the promotion of visual art. Located in the rural city of Winchester, established over ten years ago to provide affordable studio space to both established and emerging artists. The Yard continues to offer a wonderful place for artists to explore and let their creative juices flow, welcoming a variety of media such as painting, sculpture, bronze, photography, film, sound, performance, pottery, illustration, drawing, collage, poetry and jewellery.



Wendy Couchman


Wendy Couchman is an installation artist, based in Winchester, working with a range of media, including print, to express the human experience, drawing on a professional background in health and social care.  Recent work explores the effect of the old on the new - nostalgia and memories that impact on our present experiences, like archaeological traces.

Rebecca Galbraith


I am an architect as well as an artist.  I am particularly inspired by landscape and the unique qualities of places. I am interested in texture in painting and my paintings are often influenced by materials that can be found on site.  Out of these very man made products, I try to reflect a natural landscape, often moody skies and spluttery seas.

Georgina Hall



Beatrix Kovacs


I am profoundly influenced by the sense of touch, inspired by the less noticed texture of the everyday world. The rusty metal roof, the soft windswept grass, the uneven cobbled street...when I perceive these surfaces, my finger-tips almost immediately begin to tingle. I like simple coherent statements, clarity and logic. I am fascinated by the high contrast that light & shadow generates; it powerfully but quietly focuses the mind. It gives a very precise three dimensional experience and a deeper understanding of the textures. I enjoy the organic process of making. It is like a journey of discovery, an intuitive response to internal and external conditions. There is no predetermined final destination, just a concept. It is a dialogue with the object or material when there is space and time to allow myself to trust my instinct and subconscious. I believe in openness, curiosity and compassion. Be(e) happy!
I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1974. I graduated from the Technical University of Budapest with a master degree (MSc) in Architecture and Building Engineering in 1997. I am a qualified architect and have been living and working in England since 2000, becoming British citizen in 2010.

Gillian Lake-Thompson


Jesse Neimus has a mind made for art — and is always working on a new project! Let our Oil Painting Guide help you start creating your own art.

Lizzie McKellar


I grew up in rural Wiltshire and Hampshire, my love of nature certainly influenced my early work. The artists that have been my major inspirations range from Turner, with his wonderful use of light, to Peter Doig and Cecily Brown who have been my contemporary influences. Doig, using photography as a starting point, and allowing his imagination to run riot in his use of paint. With Brown, it is purely her use of paint; the fluidity of her brushwork has such movement.

Charlotte McKew


I am a Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator based in Winchester. Making
colourful observations of my surroundings and the natural world, translating these into risograph prints, digital outcomes and ceramics. Utilising a range of traditional medium as a starting point including a variety of ink, collage and watercolour. With a background in Printed Textile Design, receiving a First-Class BA (Hons) at Winchester School of Art. I have over 10 years Industry experience, including 6 years designing prints for women’s fashion accessories in New York City, as Senior Print Designer and Brand Manager at Collection 18. I am
comfortable working in an incredibly fast paced creative environment. After
relocating back to the UK in 2013, I became Head of Creative for an iOS App
Company. Involved in managing, training and recruiting an in house design
team and Freelance Designers. Responsible for all imagery, including greeting card designs and assets for websites, social media sites and apps. I am an inspiring mentor for junior designers, and I have taught at a number of Higher Education institutions including Arts University Bournemouth and
Southampton Solent University.
In September 2019 I completed an MA in Illustration with Distinction at Arts
University Bournemouth, it has been a fantastic opportunity to redefine my
practice. Inspired by the majestic qualities of animals, fauna and flora and
translating these into print designs for Interiors.

Belinda Mitchell


I’m interested in what things do rather than what they are, this project draws on New Materialist thinking, feminist writing practices, photographic documentation, drawing and dance scores to create a practice of ‘sitting in’ or an archaeology of the present which responds to the material of the body, materiality of the site and affective relations between the two, as well as the writings of Kathleen Stewart to create a language thick with intimate resonances of everyday details near and far.

Lorraine Morris


Lorraine Morris is a fine art printer/photographer whose practice combines the disciplines of drawing, painting and photography to explore landscapes which capture and retain the trace of human activity. Photography, which literally means 'light drawing' is an immensely important element in the process of exploring memory. It is their material quality combined with the captured image, that makes photographs amongst our most treasured possessions as well as vessels of personal and collective memory. The images created attempt to investigate the relationships between time, space and place. Lorraine graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2008. She has work in private collections in the UK and in the permanent collection of The University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. Her work has been exhibited in Winchester, Southampton and The Forest of Dean and in London at APT Gallery in Deptford. www.lorrainemorris.co.uk

Junko O'Neill


Junko O’Neill is a fine art painter who primarily works in oils as well as traditional Japanese paints made from natural mineral pigments. Inspired by the Japanese spacial and temporal concept of ‘Ma’, her paintings, which range from figurative to abstract forms, embody space with a sense of time-passing and a charged atmosphere, underlined by a sense of calm. 
She gained her MA and BA from Winchester School of Art.  Born in Tokyo, she now lives and works in Winchester, Hampshire.

Paul Sheridon


A longtime professional artist in the San Francisco area, let Morgan James guide you through all the basics in mixed media art. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Lead Instructor.

Rebecca Smith


Rebecca is a Hampshire based artist with an interdisciplinary practice. She completed her BA in Fine Art Painting in 2012 from Winchester School of Art. Rebecca’s love of the natural landscape is a source of great inspiration for her expressive paintings. Living in the past somewhat she takes visual guidance from the impressionists; their romanticised notions of capturing light have always been poignant. Controlling, or manipulating time within a landscape to create a space for contemplation has also has been a recurring subject within recent work.

Richard Thorgood


A longtime professional artist in the San Francisco area, let Aiden Johnson guide you through all the basics in mixed media art. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Lead Instructor.

Robert Truscott


Robert Truscott is a sculptor producing sensitive figurative work mostly in bronze and plaster. His ‘Defeat’ sculpture was the winner of the prestigious Threadneedle Prize Visitor Choice award 2012.  You may like his Facebook page on this “Defeat at Stalingrad” piece. After graduating from Winchester School of Art, a strong feeling for Russian culture lead him to St Petersburg’s Repin Academy, where he continued postgraduate study. His work emphasises links with 19th century culture, and  20th century conflicts. He feels that the human figure remains the ultimate means of artistic expression, communicating in a direct unequivocal manner humanity's eternal struggle. The pathos of conflict, lies central to his work. This fascination with military history – the ordeal of the soldier – bound up in his specific national uniform becomes an increasingly marginalised art genre. His inspiration is often drawn from the music of Beethoven, Bruckner and Wagner. Their work articulates mankind’s yearning for a humanised society based on traditional values in harmony with nature.

Claire Vine-Pearce



Ali Wallace


Ali Wallace is a freelance illustrator. Chiefly working with technical pens, his detailed line drawings of carefully arranged objects have been applied to a variety of projects for local businesses and charities. The predominantly black and white illustrations and designs have been used for greetings cards, recipes, event posters, branding as well as privately commissioned artwork. He is beginning to introduce new processes to his practice, including digital rendering, to explore colour and expand the range of potential outlets for his designs.

Wallace takes influence from an eclectic and diverse range of sources, from cabinets of curiosities to comic book art, medieval etchings to tattoo flash sheets and from antique adverts to modern graffiti. He brings together intricate illustration with diagrammatic design elements in an aesthetically ordered manner and laced with a twist of the surreal. His work is in an ongoing positive state of flux, evolving with every new piece.

Susan Wood


When she retired from teaching Wood completed a B.A. [Hons] in Visual Art and an MA in Fine Art by Project at W.S.A. .She is a drawer whose practice has three strands, colour, line and sound. Through these she expresses the vibrancy of immediate experience, celebrates the routinely unnoticed and interrogates the boundaries between reality and imagination. She is essentially a journeyer whose work emerges from a
personal, intuitive engagement with her surroundings.



Sherin is a self-taught, abstract painter from the UK. She paints to connect to the mysterious forces ever-present and abundant in the natural world. She paints to remind herself that the entire universe is intricately and intimately interconnected through vibration and meaning.She paints to explore the concept of the soul in all living beings.

Sherin has published her creative work with Oxford University Press, the Mindful Word, ARTEMIS poetry, The Closed Eye Open, the Wild Roof Journal, and the Woman Made's Gallery HOME exhibition. She is also a lawyer, diplomat, yoga teacher, and a Fulbright Scholar.

If you would like to purchase her art, or commission a bespoke painting especially for you, see here:


Website: https://www.sherinshe.com/art

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sherinshe11

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/11sherinshe11/

You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SherinShefik

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherin-shefik-03601066/?originalSubdomain=uk



Lisa Gardner is a watercolour artist inspired by the natural world, theconnection between breath and brushwork and the utter joy that canbe found when paint meets the canvas. Lisa crafts whimsical artwork under the name Iris Hill - an homage to her Nan, the woman who lit Lisa’s creative flameand helped it burn bright.
It is the creative process that really sets her work free. It is the 
intricate culmination of breath, meditation and movement… a pyramid of 
inner indulgence that opens the doors to her soul sanctuary. To Lisa, this 
offers the portal to a truly joyful and liberated creative journey. 
Classes www.bookwhen.com/irishillInstagram @irishill   FB @IrisHillArtYoga  Shop www.irishill.co.uk/shop 



I’m a visual artist, curator and sound therapist. I create sculptures to investigate metaphysics and our sensory perception. I combine reclaimed materials, texture, colour, performance and sound to produce immersive experiences. There is an invitation within my work for the viewer to interact. I create a condition within a space for well-being, which may lead to a better understanding of Self and nature.



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