I am profoundly influenced by the sense of touch, inspired by the less noticed texture of the everyday world. The rusty metal roof, the soft windswept grass, the uneven cobbled street...when I perceive these surfaces, my finger-tips almost immediately begin to tingle. I like simple coherent statements, clarity and logic. I am fascinated by the high contrast that light & shadow generates; it powerfully but quietly focuses the mind. It gives a very precise three dimensional experience and a deeper understanding of the textures. I enjoy the organic process of making. It is like a journey of discovery, an intuitive response to internal and external conditions. There is no predetermined final destination, just a concept. It is a dialogue with the object or material when there is space and time to allow myself to trust my instinct and subconscious. I believe in openness, curiosity and compassion. Be(e) happy! I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1974. I graduated from the Technical University of Budapest with a master degree (MSc) in Architecture and Building Engineering in 1997. I am a qualified architect and have been living and working in England since 2000, becoming British citizen in 2010.

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